1. Bangladesh: A guide to birdwatching sites and a checklist of birds, by Paul Thompson and David Johnson. 53 pp, logistics, site-by-site guide, 14 maps, complete checklist, with status of birds of Bangladesh: £10.50.
  2. China: Sichuan, edited by Peter J Hopkin. 59 pp with 11 maps and colour photos. Covers visit to N and W Sichuan June 1996 and Emei Shan in May 1997, details of itineraries and annotated checklist: £11.
  3. China: Yunnan, March 2002, by Jon Hornbuckle, 25pp. Visit to little known areas, access information, itinerary & annotated checklist: £7.
  4. China: Beidaihe and Happy Island, May 1997 by Raj Drijvers. 22 pp, updated information with maps and annotated checklist: £4.50.
  5. China: Happy Island, autumn 2000, spring 2001 by Ian Forsyth. 30 pp, logistics and comprehensive checklist: £6.50.
  6. China: Jiangxi Province, by Jon Bryant. 22 pp, on Guan Shan and Po Yang, detailed itinerary and systematic list species seen: £5.
  7. China: South-west Yunnan, by Jon Bryant. 65 pp, detailed report on 3 sites in SW Yunnan, systematic lists and maps for each site: £8.50.
  8. China: Western China, May-July 2000 by Jon Hornbuckle. 37 pp, Sichuan, Qinghai and Lhasa, Tibet, with information on transport and accommodation, full annotated checklists for Sichuan and Qinghai: £8.
  9. India: North-east India, December 2002, by Flynn, Holloway, Spinks and Watts. 37 pp. Covers visit to Namdampha, Kaziranga and more. Maps, full itinerary and checklist: £7.50.
  10. India: North-east India, Feb-March 1998 by Jon Hornbuckle, Des Allen, Paul Holt and Krys Kazmierczak. 50 pp, visits little known sites in Arunchal Pradesh and Assam. Brief site notes, comprehensive annotated species lists: £7.50.
  11. India: Northern India, December 1997 by Geeson and Geeson. 55 pp. Covers Delhi, Bharatphur, Corbett/Kumeria and Nainital, detailed itinerary, full annotated checklist: £7.
  12. India: Rajasthan and Agra, January-February 1997 by Mike Watson. Excellent introduction, maps, site details and highlights plus full checklist: £7.
  13. India and Nepal: North India and Nepal, December 1989-June 1990 by Seb Buckton and Pete Morris. 109 pp covering all the major sites, with maps, in NW India, Darjeeling and Nepal. Full annotated checklist of birds seen: £11.
  14. India: North-west India, July-August 2003 by Susan Myers. Covers Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal. 37 pp text and 4 pp colour photographs: £10.
  15. India and Sri Lanka: South India, Sri Lanka and Andamans, November 1994-March 1995 by Brian Gee. 49 pp with general information, site guide and species lists with maps: £13.
  16. Sri Lanka: December 1999 by Geeson and Geeson, 37 pp.Covers all the main sites mentioned in the OBC Sri Lanka itinerary, with annotated checklist: £6.50.
  17. Indonesia: Sumatra, Java and Bali, May-August 1989 by Alan Lewis, Peter Morris and Nina Higgins. 49 pp includes sites with maps, birds seen, useful ID hints, access and accommodation details: £8.50.
  18. Indonesia: Wallacea, October-November 2001 by Jon Hornbuckle. 27 pp. Valuable insight to travel conditions in the area. Latest site information. Full annotated checklist. Colour photos: £8.
  19. Indonesia: Seram, Kai and Tanimbar, June-August 1994 by Filip Verbelen. 41 pp comprehensive guide to these little visited islands, with site guide and maps, detailed itinerary, general information and annotated systematic list of birds seen: £8.50.
  20. Indonesia: Taliabu, Sula Islands, March 1997 by Filip Verbelen. 23 pp comprehensive guide to little known area, site guide and maps, general information and systematic list of birds seen: £6.50.
  21. Indonesia: Sumatra, 1992-1998, by Jan Verbelen, 95 pp compilation of trips, covering lesser known areas and major sites with maps, annotated checklist and notes on taxonomy: £13.
  22. Indonesia: Sumba and Timor, September-October 1995 by Filip Verbelen. 28 pp includes general information for visitors, a site guide with maps and annotated systematic bird list: £6.
  23. Japan: Hokkaido, Honshu and Kyushu, February 1995 by Alan Wilkinson. 24 pp general information on birding in Japan, maps of sites, with notes and species seen in two-week trip: £6.
  24. Japan and South Korea: Hokkaido, Japan and South Korea, December 96-January 1997 by Alan Lewis. 23 pp useful logistical details for visiting these countries with site details and annotated checklist: £6.
  25. South Korea: Spring 2004 and January 2005 by Steiof and Dodd. Two reports in one cover. 40pp. Up to date information on South Korea, comprehensive logistical data and annotated checklists covering winter and spring: £8.50.
  26. Malaysia: Peninsular, March-April 1999 by Geeson and Geeson. 31 pp covers 5 major sites with access details, maps and annotated checklist. Ideal introduction for first time birders to Malaysia: £6.
  27. Malaysia: East: Sabah, Borneo, 1992 by Seb Buckton. Detailed descriptions of important sites, lists of birds seen, full annotated trip list with hints on bird-finding and identification: £9.
  28. Malaysia: Sabah, spring 2001 by Geeson and Geeson. 43 pp useful update to Buckton, with access details, maps and annotated checklist: £8.
  29. Papua New Guinea: June-July 1997 by Richard Webb. 40 pp includes transport, accommodation, site guides with maps and detailed annotated checklist: £9.
  30. Philippines: Jan-April 2003 by Adcock, Hutchinson and Woods. 94pp cover islands of Luzon, Negros, Panay, Mindanao, Mindoro, Palawan, Siquijor, Bohol and Cebu. Includes 23 maps, annotated checklist and appendix summarising the Philippine endemics, the islands and best sites for them: £13.
  31. Taiwan: Jan. 2005 by Dodd. 30pp, report of successful one week visit to seek the endemics. Includes logistics and access information, and annotated checklist: £8.
  32. Thailand and Malaysia: December 1988-August 1989 by Alan Lewis, Peter Morris and Nina Higgins. 70 pp report with site-by-site details with maps, and annotated checklist: £9.
  33. Thailand: 2-20 June 1996 by Peter Holt. 8 pp update on Khao Yai, Krabi, Bank Noi Chong and Khao Phra Bang Kram: £4.50.
  34. Vietnam: Nov-Dec 1999 by Holmes. Covers the main sites with access, accommodation and travel information; maps & comprehensive checklist: £6.
  35. Vietnam: March-April 2002 by Adcock and Woods. 31pp includes maps, latest site information and 284 species annotated checklist: £7.

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