BirdingASIA 22


  • NEWSFLASH Bangladesh
  • REDISCOVERY The rediscovery of Myanmar’s Jerdon’s Babbler Chrysomma altirostre altirostre FRANK E. RHEINDT, ROBERT TIZARD, NILA PWINT & NAING LIN
  • REDISCOVERY The rediscovery of Bristled Grassbird Chaetornis striata in Bangladesh ENAM UL HAQUE & ONU TAREQ
  • REDISCOVERY Chinese Grassbird Graminicola striatus in South-East Asia: lost, forgotten and re-found JAMES A. EATON, SIMON P. MAHOOD & JONATHAN C. EAMES
  • CONSERVATION REPORT Back from the brink? An update on the Spoon-billed Sandpiper Calidris pygmaea conservation programme NIGEL CLARK, DEBBIE PAIN & RHYS GREEN
  • CONSERVATION UPDATE Asian vulture crisis—have we reached a turning point? CHRIS BOWDENBA22cover
  • ID FORUM Rufous-headed Parrotbill Paradoxornis bakeri and Pale-billed Parrotbill P. atrosuperciliaris in Thailand PHILIP D. ROUND, KAMOL KOMOLPHALIN, WICHYANAN LIMPARUNGPATTHANAKIJ & ANDREW J. PIERCE
  • TAXONOMIC REVIEW Notable taxonomic changes proposed for Asian birds in 2013 N. J. COLLAR & T. P. INSKIPP
  • FIELD STUDY The breeding plumage and vocalisations of Marshall’s Iora Aegithina nigrolutea in Gujarat, India, with notes on distribution and taxonomy PRASAD GANPULE
  • FIELD STUDY Observations of the diet of Black-winged Kite Elanus caeruleus in the oil-palm plantations of the Sahabat area, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia CIK MOHD RIZUAN ZAINAL ABIDIN, NOOR HISHAM HAMID & HAFIDZI MOHD NOOR
  • PHOTOSPOT Bugun Liocichla Liocichla bugunorum
  • LITTLE-KNOWN ASIAN BIRD Nesting records of Dulit Frogmouth Batrachostomus harterti, with notes on plumage and vocalisations BING WEN LOW, ROB HUTCHINSON, SANG SIGAR, ASHLEY BANWELL, SIEW TECK YEO & JAMES A. EATON
  • LITTLE-KNOWN ASIAN BIRD Sushkin’s Asian Rosy Finch Leucosticte arctoa sushkini, a little-known taxon from Mongolia ANDREAS BUCHHEIM & PHILIPPE J. DUBOIS
  • LITTLE-KNOWN ASIAN BIRD The Ryukyu Scops Owls Otus elegans interpositus of the Daitô islands, Japan BRENDAN SLOAN
  • LITTLE-KNOWN AREA Tawang district, Arunachal Pradesh, India ANIL KUMAR
  • ORIENTAL PATCH WATCH A study of the avifauna of the Vankee development, Minhang district, Shanghai, China: June 2005 to May 2014 – Part 1: non-passerines ANGUS R. LAMONT
  • FIELD STUDY An avifaunal survey of three Javan volcanoes—Gn Salak, Gn Slamet and the Ijen highlands JOHN C. MITTERMEIER, CARL H. OLIVEROS, TRI HARYOKO, MOHAMMAD IRHAM & ROBERT G. MOYLE
  • NOTEBOOK Abnormal colours of east Asian starlings: a mystery solved? DAVID J. STANTON & MICHAEL R. LEVEN
  • NOTEBOOK Bali Myna Leucopsar rothschildi: brighter prospects for the future? GODI DIJKMAN
  • NOTEBOOK Breeding observations of and spring–summer habitat use by Turkestan Ground Jay Podoces panderi DAVID A. SHOWLER, MAXIM A. KOSHKIN, ROBERT J. BURNSIDE & PAUL M. DOLMAN

  • First records of Siberian Blue Robin Luscinia cyane for Bangladesh SAMIUL MOHSANIN, NICK DYMOND, TANIA KHAN & ANDREW J. PIERCE
  • The first record of Red-billed Tropicbird Phaethon aethereus for Bangladesh during a pelagic trip in the Bay of Bengal ENAM UL HAQUE, ONU TAREQ & SHAMIM AHMED
  • First record of Pin-tailed Parrotfinch Erythrura prasina from China RACHAKONDA SREEKAR, SALINDRA K. DAYANANDA, JIANG-BO ZHAO, BOJIAN GU, QIANG LI, XIMIN WANG & EBEN GOODALE
  • Chinese Egret Egretta eulophotes, Spoon-billed Sandpiper Calidris pygmaea and Lesser Crested Tern Thalasseus bengalensis: new for Cambodia PAUL H NIELSEN, PAUL EVERINGHAM, SENGLIM SUY & SIMON P. MAHOOD
  • Slender-billed Gull Larus genei: first record for Bangladesh SAYAM U. CHOWDHURY, YANN MUZIKA & MD FOYSAL

Plus regular sections: Letter from the Chairman, OBC in action: Conservation Fund, Smythies Fund, From the Field, Reviews.

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