Bulletin 27

OBC Bulletin 27, June 1998: contents

Some observations of the Green Avadavat in the Indian bird trade
Abrar Ahmed
Little known Oriental bird: Luzon Water Redstart
Nigel Collar
Conservation in Cambodia
Phillip J. Edwards
Aleutian Terns in South-East Asia
Peter Kennerley and Richard Ollington.
Birdwatching areas: Harike Sanctuary, India
Krys Kazmierczak, Per Undeland, Des Allen and Raj Singh

Green Avadavats Bulletin 27 cover (Michael O’Clery)

Endemic subspecies of Black-fronted White-eye on Sangihe, North Sulawesi
Jim Wardill and Iwan Hunowu
Trade of Waterfowl for food in Cambodia
Pete Carr
Rediscovery of an Indian enigma: the Forest Owlet
Pamela Rasmussen
Identification of large Acrocephalus warblers at Candaba Swamp, Luzon, Philippines
Cliff Carter
Besra at Tuas, Singapore on 26 November 1995
Peter Kennerley
Oriental Cuckoos at Tuasm Singapore on 21 October and 2 December 1995
Peter Kennerley
Xinjiang Ground-jay in the Taklimakan Desert
Ma Ming

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