Bulletin 33

OBC Bulletin 33, June 2001: contents

Obituaries, Dr Clive Marsh, Derek Holmes, Meas Chendamony
Gurney’s Pitta Campaign update
Brian Sykes
On the trail of Vietnam’s endemic babblers
Jonathan C. Eames
Wetlands and waterbirds in the Mekong Delta
Nguyen Duc Tu, Nguyen Cu and Sebastian Buckton
Bird trade in Hanoi
Sarah Morris
New additions to the list of birds of Vietnam
Andrew W. Tordoff and Jonathan C. Eames
Russian-Vietnamese ornithological research in Vietnam
Andrei V. Zinoviev and Nguyen Cu

Bulletin33coverEdwards’s Pheasant, Bulletin 33 cover (David Kjaer)

Birdwatching Areas – spotlight on Vietnam
Bach Ma National Park
Richard Craik
Xuan Thuy Nature Reserve
Andrew W. Tordoff
Cat Tien National Park
Gert Polet,)Stephen Ling, Pham Huu Khanh
U Minh Thuong Nature Reserve
Ashley Leedman, Nguyen Phuc Bao Hoa
Little-known Oriental Bird: Orange-necked Partridge
BirdLife International
Pheasant taxonomy: a cunning way to remove species from the Red List!
Peter Garson
Is mangrove afforestation destroying Black-faced Spoonbill habitat in the Red River Delta?
Y.T. Yu and C. Swennen

Plus regular sections: Club News, Conservation Fund News, Around the Orient, To the editor, From the Field, Recently Published, Stray Feathers and Free Press.

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