Diary date: 2018 Autumn Meeting

The OBC Autumn Meeting, incorporating the 34th AGM, will be held in the Wilkinson Room, St John the Evangelist, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 8RN on Saturday 22nd September 2018.

Doors open at 10:30 and the meeting starts at 11:00. All are welcome – please bring your friends. Snacks, cakes and hot and cold drinks will be available all day.

Speakers include:
John Geeson on Birding Highlights of the Tibetan Plateau
H S Sathya Chandra Sagar on Impacts of bird trapping in post-logged forest in lowland Sumatra
James Robinson on Fighting to save the Spoon-billed Sandpiper –
Dr Nigel Collar on Unidentified flying objects in Asia
Pete Morris on Japan – Birding through the Seasons

Download the meeting agenda here…and see you there! Minutes of the 33rd AGM, held in September 2017.

Helmeted Hornbill records sought

Helmeted Hornbill Rhinoplax vigil © Muhammad Alzahri

Bee Choo Strange of the Hornbill Research Foundation is on an urgent mission to collate all records of Helmeted Hornbills Rhinoplax vigil within the species’s geographic range in preparation for a report to delegates attending the Helmeted Hornbill Conservation Strategy and Action Plan workshop in Sarawak, Malaysia, in May 2017.

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Summit on songbird crisis in Asia

First announcement – details of how to register your interest below

Jurong-Bird-ParkSongbird Crisis Summit: Setting priorities to address the threat of songbird trade in the Greater Sunda region

26th-29th September 2015, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Songbird-keeping as a pastime is firmly entrenched in local culture and tradition in many regions of Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia has one of the highest global demands and volume of domestic and international bird trade – involving hundreds of species and thousands of individual birds. The capture for the songbird trade is recognised as the single largest threat for many species in Southeast Asia, particularly the Greater Sunda region that comprises Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia. At the present time, there is a lack of regulation, monitoring and enforcement efforts of bird markets, trade routes and collection sites by the relevant authorities. There needs to be an increase in awareness of the species conservation needs’ amongst the public, government and conservation groups.

In response to this crisis, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, TRAFFIC, and Cikananga Wildlife Center, along with other international institutions, have joined forces to host Asia’s first Songbird Crisis Summit.

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