Forktail 1 (October 1986)

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Gurney’s Pitta, Forktail 1 cover (P.D. Round)

INAUGURAL EDITORIAL: The scope of Forktail

Full papers
A.B. VAN DEN BERG and C.A.W. BOSMAN. Supplementary notes on some birds of Lore Lindu Reserve, Central Sulawesi (300 KB)
D.R. WELLS, P.D. ROUND and J. SCHARRINGA. New information on the Brown-streaked Flycatcher, Muscicapa latirostris williamsoni (300 KB)
P. PALMES and C. BRIGGS. Crab-plovers, Dromas ardeola, in the Gulf of Kutch (500 KB)
N.J. COLLAR, P.D. ROUND and D.R. WELLS. The past and future of Gurneys Pitta, Pitta gurneyi (1.2 MB)
C. INSKIPP and T.P. INSKIPP. Some important birds and forests in Nepal (830 KB)
A.D. JOHNS. Effects of selective logging on the ecological organization of a peninsular Malaysian rainforest avifauna (770 KB)

Short communications
C.J.O. HARRISON. A re-assessment of the affinities of some small Oriental babblers Timaliidae (160 KB)
A. TYE and H. TYE. Nepal House Martin, Delichon nipalensis, new to Thailand (200 KB)
E.C. DICKINSON. Does the Pied Harrier, Circus melanoleucos, breed in the Philippines? (200 KB)

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