Forktail 14 (August 1998)

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Forest Owlets (above) Spotted Owlets (below), Forktail 14 cover (Larry B. McQueen)

Full papers
A. GAMAUF, M. PRELEUTHNER and W. PINSKER. Distribution and identification of Philippine birds of prey: Philippine Hawk Eagle, Spizaetus philippensis, and Changeable Hawk Eagle, Spizaetus cirrhatus
V. NIJMAN and R. SÖZER. Field idenitification of the Javan Hawk Eagle, Spizaetus bartelsi
P.C. RASMUSSEN. Tytler’s Leaf Warbler, Phylloscopus tytleri: non-breeding distribution, morphological discrimination, and aging
J.DUCKWORTH and S. HEDGES. Bird records from Cambodia in 1997, including records of sixteen species new for the country
H. NUYTEMANS. Notes on Philippine birds: interesting records from northern Luzon and Batan Island
P.C. RASMUSSEN and N.J. COLLAR. Identification, distribution and status of the Forest Owlet, Athene (Heteroglaux) blewitti
B.F. KING and P.C. RASMUSSEN. The rediscovery of the Forest Owlet, Athene (Heteroglaux) blewitti
S. JAVED and A.R. RAHMANI. Conservation of the avifauna of Dudwa National Park, India
C. MISHRA and B. HUMBERT-DROZ. Avifaunal survey of Tsomoriri Lake and adjoining Nuro Sumdo wetland in Ladakh, Indian trans-Himalaya

Short notes
M. VESTERGAARD. Eared Pitta, Pitta phayrei, a new species for Bangladesh and the Indian subcontinent
R. CLARKE, V. PRAKASH, W.S. CLARK, N. RAMESH AND D. SCOTT. World record count of roosting harriers, Circus, in Blackbuck National Park, Velavadar, Gujarat, north-west India
A. CHOUDHURY. Some new elevation records of birds from Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunchal Pradesh, India
J. HOUGH. Pallas’s Bunting, Emberiza pallasi: a new species for Nepal and the Indian sub-continent
J. HACKETT. A high-altitude breeding record of Besra, Accipiter virgatus
TIZIANO LONDEI. Observations on Hume’s Groundpecker, Pseudopodoces humilis
ZHAO ZHENGJIE and PAO ZHENGJIE. The foraging behaviour of the Scaly-sided Merganser, Mergus squamatus, in the Changbai Mountains and Ziao Xingangling Mountains of China
PHILIP McGOWAN. Weights of some birds from the Malaysian forest floor
R. GREGORY-SMITH. Attempted predation on young Malaysian Plovers, Charadrius peronii, by sand crabs
N.H.K. BURTON. Notes on the diet of nestling White-throated Kingfishers, Halcyon smyrensis, in Malaysia
B.S. FLETCHER. A breeding record for Minahassa Owl, Tyto inexspectata, from Dumoga-Bone National Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia
B. GEE. Radde’s Warbler, Phylloscopus schwarzi: a new species for Philippines
N.J. COLLAR. Bill morphology in the idenitifcation of Isabela Orioles, Oriolus isabellae
J. MLIKOVSKY. Generic names of southern snowfinches

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