• Forktail 6-8 and 10 to current issue each: £10 surface mail
  • BirdingASIA 1 to current issue each: £8 surface mail
  • OBC Bulletins 18-38 each: £7.50.
    Bulletin 18 includes Indonesia Birdwatching Intinerary,
    Bulletin 20 includes Malaysia Birdwatching Itinerary,
    Bulletin 22 includes India Birdwatching Itinerary,
    Bulletin 26 includes Sri Lanka Birdwatching Itinerary,
    Bulletin 31 includes Thailand Birdwatching Itinerary, and
    Bulletin 33 features Vietnam.
  • OBC Bulletins 1-17 each, photocopies only: £4.50.

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  • Birds in Bhutan – status and distribution
    by Peter Spierenburg, 2005,
    Hardback. Covers all 645 species recorded in Bhutan up to 2004 with 950 maps & graphs backing up the species accounts that provide a detailed overview of the geographical, altitudinal and seasonal distribution of Bhutan’s birds.
    £45 UK and Europe
    £45 rest of the world by surface post or £50 airmail.

birdsofbhutan1Birds in Bhutan: status and distribution

  • Atlas of the Birds of Delhi and Haryana
    by Bill Harvey, Nikhil Devasar and Bikram Grewal, 2006
    Softback. Maps the distribution an seasonality of 266 commone species, with shroter accounts on 255 further species. Text focuses on habitats and behaviour, complementing the descriptive information in standard field guides. Many photographs.
    £12.50 UK, £14.50 Europe
    £17.50 rest of the world by airmail.
  • Kukila – Journal of the Indonesian Ornithologists Union,
    Kukila 11, 12, 13 and 14 each:
    £14.50 UK, £16 Europe, £17.50 rest of world.
  • A Pocket Guide to the Birds of Arunachal Pradesh
    by Dr A Choudhury
    109 pages. It includes checklist, notes on selected species with distribution maps and notes on key sites. Production was part funded by a grant from OBC.
    £9 UK, £10 Europe, £12 rest of the world.
  • A Pocket Guide to the Birds of Mizoram
    by Dr A Choudhury
    122 pages. A companion volume to the above, in similar format and funded by OBC’s Smythies fund.
    £9 UK, £10 Europe, £12 rest of the world.
  • Daftar Burung Indonesia No 2. Indonesian Ornithologists’ Union (IdOU)
    157 pages. The new Indonesian bird checklist, based on Paul Andrews 1992 original, updated and nicely presented. Common names in English as well as systematic names.
    £10 UK, £12 Europe, £14 rest of the world.
  • Kathmandu Bird Report 2004-2006
    by Mark Mallalieu
    Bird Conservation Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2008. ISBN 978-9937-9006-0-7.
    56 pages with line illustrations. An authoratative annotated checklist and bird report and the author. With over 200 years of ornithological exploration around Kathmandu, the list now includes well over 500 species. The checklist updates the Flemings’ 1970 checklist and range information in Carol and Tim Inskipp’s A Guide to the Birds of Nepal (2nd edition, 1991).
    £5 UK, £6 rest of world.

HK-CD-coverHK Bird Reports

  • CDRom – HK Bird Reports 2007-08, 2009-10, 2011
    PDF copies of the 2007-08, 2009-10 and 2011 Hong Kong Bird Reports.
    Features – Systematic Lists of all species recorded in Hong Kong over the period 2007 to 2011
    Over 200 colour plates of individual species
    Over 40 articles covering all species new to HK in this period plus various subjects such as Bird Migration and Identification
    Price £15 including postage and packing.

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The Jewel Hunter – by Chris Goodie

Read about OBC Council Member Chris Goodie’s quest to see every species of pitta in a single year – a gripping true story of danger, overcoming logistical challenges, and sheer determination in this once-in-a-lifetime quest.

Prices (including postage & packing): £13.99 for UK customers,  £17.99 for EU customers and £21.99 for rest of world. The OBC receives £4 for every copy sold.

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