BirdingASIA 1

BirdingASIA 1 June 2004: contents


  • Pioneers of Asian ornithology: Robert Swinhoe
    N.J. Collar
  • Photospot: Pied Thrush
  • Notebook: A provisional sighting of the Silvery Pigeon on the Talang Talang Islands, Sarawak, Malaysia
    Kerry-Jayne Wilson
  • Notebook: Grey Imperial Pigeon: a new record from East Kalimantan, Indonesia
    Guntram Meier
  • Where to see: Indian Bustard
    Dave Showler, Alexander Lees, Rajendra N.Nale, and Bilal Habib
  • Project report: Status of and threats to hornbills across the southern Sumatra landscape
    Y. Hadiprakarsa, M. Iqbal & U. Wijayanto
  • Travelwise: The hazard of counterfeit antimalarials in Asia
    Paul Newton
  • Obituary: Dashnamjiliyn Batdelger
    Hans-Georg Folz

Plus regular sections: Letter from the Chairman, BirdingASIA briefings, OBC in action: Conservation Fund, Smythies Fund, Around the Orient, From the Field, Reviews.

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