Oriental Bird Club supports conservation work in the Oriental region by encouraging projects to study birds and their habitats or to raise awareness of bird conservation issues. Oriental Bird Club operates two funds: the Conservation Fund and the Bertram Smythies Fund.

Through the generous support of members and corporate sponsors, OBC has now supported over 250 projects in many oriental countries, primarily run by local people. More than £200,000 has been invested in conservation in the region since 1984.

In general, OBC prefers to be the main funder of projects but will part-fund larger projects provided that the remaining funds are available and that the OBC award supports a distinct section of the project. It is an important condition of funding that a final report is produced at the end of each project.

The Conservation Fund offers small grants twice each year and can provide small scale funding if emergencies occur at other times of the year. For details of the awards offered, the types of project funded and how to apply, see here

The Bertram Smythies Fund is available to fund special projects that are too large for the Conservation Fund or novel ideas that are outside the aims of the Conservation Fund. For further detais see here. The most recent awards are listed below:

Projects funded by the Bertram Smythies Fund in 2014

  • Kirk Hart: Factors affecting nocturnal seabird relative abundance in South Korea: implications for conservation and restoration. (£3000)

Projects funded by the OBC Conservation Fund in 2014

Small Grants of £1,000–1,500

  • Khadananda Paudel: Ecological Monitoring and conservation of vultures in Jajarkot District, Nepal.
  • Kalaimani: Breeding biology of Yellow-throated Bulbul (Pycnonotus xantholaemus) in Gingee Hills, Eastern Ghats, Southern India.
  • Kwanmok Kim: Nocturnal foraging behavior of Eastern Curlews Numenius madagascariensis at stop-over sites in the Yellow Sea.
  • Pavel Ktitorov: Autumn Migration of Land- and Waterbirds Along the Central East Coast of Sakhalin island, Far East of Russia.
  • Jyotendra Jyu Thakuri : Bird Survey of Khandbari-Num Forest, Potential IBA, East Nepal.
  • Nimesh Ved: Capacity building of local cadre in Dampa Tiger Reserve (Mizoram) to conserve birds and other bio-diversity values in times of changing land use.
  • Bharathidasan: To motivate and create a sustainable forum at the Tamil Nadu, India, for supporting and monitoring coordinated action among key stakeholders, based on the blue print of the SAVE (Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction).

Emergency Grants

  • Sanjan Thapa: Conservation of Vulnerable Lesser Adjutant Leptoptilos javanicus in Udayapur District, eastern Nepal. (£750)