Forktail 2, (December 1986)

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Swallow with features of White-eyed River-Martin (or Oriental Pratincole?), Forktail 2 cover (Photo: Didi Brandt)

Full papers
M.D. WILLIAMS, D.N. BAKEWELL, G.J. CAREY and S.J. HOLLOWAY. On the bird migration at Beidaihe, Hebei province, China, during spring 1985
P.R. HOLMES. The avifauna of the Suru River Valley, Ladakh
J. BOSWALL. Notes on the current status of ornithology in the People’s Republic of China
P.D. ROUND and U.TREESUCON. The rediscovery of Gurneys Pitta, Pitta gurneyi
C.R. ROBSON. Recent observations of birds in Xizang and Qinghai provinces, China
P. HAUGE, J. TERBORGH, B. WINTER and J. PARKINSON. Conservation priorities in the Philippine Archipelago

Short communications
R.G. BIJLSMA and F.E. DE RODER. Notes on Nordmann’s Greenshank, Tringa guttifer, in Thailand
E.C. DICKINSON. Does the White-eyed River-Martin, Pseudochelidon sirintarae, breed in China?
M.A.R. KHAN. The threatened White-winged Wood Duck, Cairina scutulata, in Bangladesh
J. SÉRIOT, O. PINEAU, R. DE SCHATZEN and Ph. J. DUBOIS. Black-tailed Crake, Porzana bicolor: a new species for Thailand
F.A. CLEMENTS and N. J. BRADBEAR. Status of wintering Black-necked Cranes, Grus nigricollis, in Bhutan

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